Discipleship Groups

New to the Christian faith, or would like to learn more? Regardless of where you are in your journey we have a place for you! Discipleship Groups are small groups of one-on-one, or sometimes one leader with 2 or 3 individuals working through the Bible or a book together. These groups are not intended to replace Light Communities but rather to provide a place for individuals who want to investigate Christianity before joining a Light Community.  Within a Light Community, these one-on-one or small group discipleship relationships will happen organically.
Discipleship Groups are offered at various times depending on the schedule of the individuals and the leaders. These are offered on campus at the University of Manitoba for students, or leaders can meet in home or in a coffee shop with individuals or small groups to work through material together.
To get connected in a Discipleship Group please let us know by talking to any of Our Leadership Team, or filling out a Connection Card online.