Light Communities


What is a Light Community?

Community is central to the Bible story. People are called not simply to an individual relationship with God, but to become part of the new people of God, the bride of Christ. You become a Christian when, by faith, you become part of the people for whom Christ died.

We see from the Bible story that we are recreated by the cross and resurrection to be God’s people. We are family. Our identity is communal. This is why for us the central context for the Christian life is a Light Community.

A Light Community is a group of people living life-on-life together on mission.

A Light Community has a common identity with a commitment to pastoring one another with the Gospel and working together to witness to Christ in their neighbourhood. The Light Community is the core unit of church life, the place where evangelism, pastoral care, discipleship and life take place.

 A focus on the Gospel: Community is given to us in the Gospel. We are reconciled by God through the cross. Our focus needs to be on the cross. Light Communities are Gospel communities.

 A focus on mission: A sense of community is often built by doing things together. It is as we orient ourselves outwards that our inner communal life is strengthened. Community is not to be self-indulgent. Light Communities are communities with a mission to take that Gospel to the lost.


Life in a Light Community

A Light Community is about a shared life, a network of relationships, a community of people – not simply a weekly meeting.

So it is more than a Bible study group: the Bible is central to the life of a Light Community, but the Bible is read, discussed and lived throughout the week in the context of shared life, not only at formal meetings.

And it is more than a pastoral support group: pastoral care is a feature of a Light Community, but it is a group with a strong sense of mission. People in a Light Community can articulate their vision for mission and identify the specific people they are trying to reach.

[The above information and video are adapted from The Crowded House, with permission]


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