Next Steps

Maybe you’ve checked out a Sunday Gathering at Light, or maybe you have been worshipping with us for a while now and you are wondering, “What now?”.  God doesn’t call us to stay where we are, He asks us to always be looking at how we can take the next step!

We have various ways to connect and get more involved regardless of where you are in your faith journey:

(a) If Christianity is a new idea to you or you’re not sure about Jesus but you’d like to learn more, then a Discipleship Group may be for you. These are small groups of one-on-one, or sometimes one leader with 2 or 3 individuals working through the Bible or a book together, and discussing any questions you may have along the way.

(b) If you’re a new Christian, the first step is to be baptized.  To request baptism, please get in touch with one of the members of Our Leadership Team, or fill out a Connection Card online.

(c) If you’re new to Light, the next step is get plugged into a Light Community.  This is where life happens at Light, and it is the primary way we reach our community and culture with the message of Jesus (the gospel).

(d) If you’re already connected to a Light Community and you’re looking for more ways to get involved with the “programming” side, we encourage you to join a Serving Team.


If you’re ready to connect, please talk to any of Our Leadership Team, or fill out a Connection Card online.